Training Trips BV is a dutch company specialized in international soccer training camps. It differentiates itself from its competition by a more personal approach as well as a profound knowledge of the soccer industry. Most members of its board are soccer professionals and all of them are passionate about soccer.

I find their business attitude very inspiring, and I very much enjoyed building Training Trips a website as their most important marketing channel. The website is a Joomla default installation, extended with a custom extension that enables the maintenance of the training camps destinations. Each destination page is enhanced with a slideshow of the destination (fed from Flickr to relieve bandwidth) and a Google Image Map to show the training facility more up-close. A more recently added Quick Quote function that is available from each page, has proven a useful acquisition tool that has led to numerous bookings. The multi-lingual functionality (the site is available in Dutch, English and German) is provided by JoomFish, a 3rd party Joomla extension. We are currently busy on a redesign of the website which will feature a new look as well as added functionality